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“Who Uses Top Series Camper Trailers?”

“Who Uses Top Series Camper Trailers?”

Top Series Camper Trailers is all about safety, quality, and value for money, camping and family fun.

Some of our customers are seasoned adventurers and want a camper that will be able to take them to some of the most challenging destinations in Australia.

Others have never owned a hard floor camper trailer before but are keen to know more, not only for the camping experience but to take holidays more often, bond with family and enjoy their downtime and how beautiful Australia is.

Opal, Gold And Other Prospector Adventurers

Some of the people and businesses that use our hard floor camper trailers

If you’re taking off for gold, opal or similar prospecting adventures, in most cases you’re going to need a comfortable place to rest your head and catch your rest.

Gold prospectors and others love towing their Top Series camper trailers because they’re easy to tow, easy to manage on the road and easier on their fuel bill and car. They also love falling into the soft beds our camper trailers are renown for after a hard days prospecting!

Serving Everybody

Families Big & Small

Why? Because getting away for a family holiday isn’t easy or cheap. The good news is that families with a Top Series camper trailer are realising holidays are easy and affordable!

Whether they want to take a break from the weekly grind, take a school or Christmas holiday road trip or visit relatives, families who use our camper trailers not only love getting away as much as they can, but they also love that they can buy direct from us and save thousands compared to buying the same camper trailer retail.

Retail Camper Trailer Franchises & Businesses

Why? Well, some of our best friends in business are retail camper trailer businesses. Like any business they’re always looking for ways to increase product value for their customers, save money and improve their business, which is where we come in.

Retail camper trailer franchises & businesses know they can count on us for the best prices, quality and service, just as all our private customers do.

Grey Nomads & Retirees

We have our fair percentage of grey nomads and retirees buying our camper trailers. The reasons are many. Some like that a camper trailer is cheaper to tow and set up than a caravan. They also love being able to buy their camper trailer direct from us and that we can customise their camper trailer with those little extras they want.

Many also like that our camper trailers are easy to set up, pack down and tow out on the open road, and that they not only save thousands on the purchase costs of their camper trailer, but they save money on fuel as well.

Young Couples

Why? Because they’re young, adventurous and free and know a good buy when they see it. Many young couples use our hard floor camper trailers to get away from it all to spend time together and see everything Australia has to offer.

Some of these couples are professional working couples looking for a weekend escape, others are adventurers, and others are backpacking around Australia.

While they come from all different walks of life and all have different needs, the one thing they all agree on is that a camper trailer from Top Series Camper Trailers is one of the best ways to camp, travel and see Australia on a budget.

Others who use or sell Top Series Camper Trailers also include:

  • People downsizing from a caravan.
  • 4WD Drive, fishing and similar clubs.
  • Wholesale camper trailer businesses.
  •  Caravan or holiday parks.

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