“Benefits You’re Guaranteed With Top Series Camper Trailers”

Benefits You’re Guaranteed!

If you’re thinking of buying a camper trailer, it’s understandable to be a little nervous or even anxious. These days you never really know what you are going to get, and if the camper trailer you’re after will do the job!

While we do not know you yet, we do know camper trailers! Most people want a camper trailer that is easy to tow, can sleep several people, is easy to set up, and is easy on the budget and comfortable so you can go camping more!

Whether you want a basic camper trailer or a top of the line model, we’re confident at Top Series Camper Trailers that we have the camper trailer for you.

That said, here are just a few advantages and benefits people love about Top Series Camper Trailers.

  • Equivalent Or Improved Quality Without The Overblown Retail Costs – We’re all about value for money, which is why you can buy a Top Series camper trailer direct from us in any quantity you like. This can save you thousands off the retail price compared to if you bought the same camper trailer from a camper trailer retailer.
  • Go Almost Anywhere – Have you towed a caravan? They’re slow and heavy, and a lot of the time you’re restricted by where you can go and camp. Our customers love their Top Series camper trailers because they can go almost anywhere you want and stand up to the test!
  • Five-year structural assurance of quality & warranty – With a Top Series camper trailer you’re protected with our five-year structural assurance of quality and warranty, which customers love.
  • Customise your camper trailer – You also get the bonus of being able to add almost any extra you like to your camper trailer. We have the skills and ability to cater for your individual needs, from adding extra tyres to upgrading the annexe and more.Of course, this is as long as your added extras do not compromise the safety of your camper and can be applied to the model of camper trailer you’re after, which we can advise you on.
  • Dish it Out, It Can Take It – With independent suspension, dual shock absorbers, trailing arm and coil springs, electric brake drum system with hand brake and more, you can dish out the toughest road and camping trip and your Top Series camper trailer will take it.
  • Easier and cheaper to tow – towing a camper trailer compared to a caravan is a lot cheaper and easier. With a camper trailer you’ll save money on fuel, and put less wear and tear on your car so you have endless kilometres of hassle free towing with no drag on your car.
  • Easy Set Up & Pull Down – Our models have quick and easy set up and pack away instructions, giving you more time to spend enjoying your holiday.
  • Enjoy The Creature Comforts Of Home – Each of our models has a self-contained kitchen, including a sink, large area for your portable fridge and cook tops.Due to the convenient placement of the kitchenette, you can access it at any time when you’re on the road, which families with young ones love.
  • Sleep Comfortably, Sleep Peacefully – All Top Series Camper Trailers hard floor campers are elevated off the ground, so you can rest easy in the security and privacy of your own camper.

This also means that they are much easier to sleep in, as opposed to the hard ground, and keep clean compared to soft floor camper trailers, making them ideal for longer trips or for trips where you are moving to various locations.

  • Delivery Australia-Wide – Some customers love that we have the advantage of living on the west coast of Australia, which may shorten some of our delivery times. However, don’t be concerned if you live in New South Wales or the other sates. We’re experts at supplying camper trailers of all sizes to people all over Australia fast!


Summing Up

Top Series camper trailers are ideal for the camping and adventure enthusiasts who love exploring off road and require a tough trailer that will withstand the terrain and environment.

At Top Series Camper Trailers we know that our customers are seasoned adventurers and want a camper that will be able to take them to some of the most challenging destinations in Australia.

Our off road hard floor camper trailers, available from our Perth location, allow you to reach these locations with all the comforts of home.

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