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“Owned By Camper Trailer Lovers, For Camper Trailer Lovers.”

Who Are Top Series Camper Trailers?

“Owned By Camper Trailer Lovers, For Camper Trailer Lovers.”

Trudy and I started Top Series Camper Trailers for a variety of reasons. Over the past 22 years, we’ve been married, Trudy and I have been involved with caravans and camper trailers in one way or another. From camper trailer holidays with our 3 kids, to taking holidays without the kids. Trudy and I love getting away from it all and sharing our passion for camping, boating, fishing, and cooking!
In fact, and if memory serves us right, I think this whole camping trailer journey started when we were hiring camper trailers to see if we all liked the idea of camping. Over a decade later we have owned several camper trailers and caravans and just love the freedom and family time our camping and camper trailer holidays give us!

What Motivated Us To Start Top Series Camper Trailers?

Adventure, family time and being wealthy in some areas of life is one of the pastimes that camper trailer touring delivers, and more! At the end of the day, what motivated us to start Top Series Camper Trailers was that we love people and business, the outdoors and camping.

However, after decades of buying and hiring camper trailers and caravans ourselves there were always issues from suppliers with:
  • Delays in responding to our inquiries.
  • Many of the camper trailer retailers who were selling us our camper trailers gave us the wrong information on more than one occasion. And this wasn’t just about storage space. It was inaccurate information about important features such as giving us the wrong dimensions of the camper trailer or the towing information, which was really frustrating.
  • We also found that once we had bought our camper trailer there was a long delay on delivery.
  • And a lot of the time the prices of the camper trailers were too high.
So, with our decades of camping trailer experience and new direction in life, we started Top Series Camper Trailers

While adventure, family time and freedom are all things you’ll experience with a Top Series camper trailer, our goal is also to provide you with the same or better quality camper trailer you’ll find at a retail camper trailer business, without the retail mark up!

Our focus is on quality, safety and value for money, so your camper trailer gives you thousands of kilometers of hassle free use and countless comfortable camping adventures.

Plus, Top Series Camper Trailers is the camper trailer service owned and operated by camper trailer lovers, for camper trailer lovers.

Before Peter and I started the adventure of Top Series Camper Trailers

Peter owned his own successful building business where he did a lot of big projects. At times he had large numbers of staff to organize and oversee. He’s very experienced in working with people, logistics, quoting and costing, but at this point in his life, he also wants to get off the tools and have a change of direction so he can go camping more!

As for me, Trudy, I have been in the retail industry for 23 years, which consisted of being a store manager, and 2IC. I am also a qualified corsetiere and have been involved in fitting many women after surgery and who have had complicated fitting issues. I also was involved with in-store merchandising, which I really enjoyed doing, and did all the store’s window displays. I am very used to dealing with customers and love being around people.

So that’s just some of the Top Series Camper Trailers story and how Peter and I came about starting and why we started it.

Of course, learning more about the Top Series Camper Trailers story, Peter and me and the team is easy, so we would love you to contact us so you can find out more.

Please phone us direct on: 1300 887 019 or register for our FREE Top Series Camper Trailers product guide on this page while you are here.

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